published at HelloBC: wine, food, and art at Liquidity

The Okanagan Valley has risen from a strong agricultural foundation, growing as a diverse cultural tourism destination with each year bringing new recognition of the local bounty. It boasts award-winning restaurants, wineries with new international acclaim, and a vibrant arts scene. So it’s no surprise to see a winery embracing this cultural diversity and adding their own unique offering to the mix. Liquidity Wines in Okanagan Falls is equal parts winery, bistro, and art gallery.

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Liquidity 6

published at HelloBC: an Okanagan Art Tour

Summer or winter, the Okanagan inspires with sparkling sapphire water and warm sandy beaches or brilliant bluebird skies and layers of fresh snow. There’s reason why the region is home to so many skilled artists. Whether it be in arid landscapes captured by sparse brushstrokes or with a collection of hand-thrown pottery, the artistic element can be found in public or private art galleries in the valley from south to north.

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The Lloyd Gallery 4