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I tell stories. Of people, place, and the intricately woven fabrics they create. The smallest details can take a story in an unexpected direction, if we listen closely and have a healthy curiosity.

Independent of a day job where I work with an Okanagan winery, I contribute to Culinaire Magazine as their Okanagan correspondent and am a contributor to the Destination British Columbia tourism blog HelloBC. Nice people contract me to tell their stories: on websites and wine labels, in newsletters and advertising copy, plus a host of places words appear.

I will not write about myself in the third person. That’s just awkward.

about me

J Montgomery HelloBCI was raised in rural Ontario. Summers were spent camping with friends-like-family, and I remember listening to my dad play bluegrass on his old Gibson. I’m kind of a hick and am happy about it.

Eventually I met a nice fella. Never thought I’d get married. We were lost in New York, and we bought (on impulse) a 1930s ring on Lexington Avenue in a small shop owned by two aging and arguing sisters with more vintage purses than wall space. The ceremony took place on a beach in Vancouver with just seven of us – plus a complete stranger who walked her dog through our wee circle. True story.

Home is the Okanagan, British Columbia. Our house was built in 1947; we’ve been renovating it since we moved in. I dream of insulation and finished drywall. Life revolves around three cats: Jackson aka The Dude, Jasper our troubled middle child, and Tippy the instigator.

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  • August 7, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Hi i have a last minute idea to get my wifes 40th bday party catered (food truck)? Have called a few good ones like Brodo (booked) anyways August 18th evening isnt far away! Around 8-10 people if you can think of anything could use the help! Thanks

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