People and place are what lend time context. We can measure it, but we can’t make it – and maybe that helps gives time a value.

Someone who has given one place (the Okanagan) a great deal of his time is Harry McWatters. 2013 marks his 46th vintage in winemaking – a remarkable amount of time in any industry.

The McWatters timeline includes planting what was in its day the largest vineyard in Canada, purchasing fallow land others shook their heads at in disbelief, and starting unproven Bordeaux reds in the Okanagan desert. Add to that the founding of a quality assurance program (today’s VQA brand), growing one of the most successful wineries in British Columbia (Sumac Ridge, later sold to larger commercial interests), and retiring a few years ago only to restart a second (or third? fourth?) career – still in the wine industry. Bringing the word “meritage” to Canada? Harry did that, too.

If people and place lend time its context, then Harry was meant to launch TIME Estate Winery in the Okanagan.

The winery license was obtained in 2011, and TIME began its first vintage of Chardonnay and Meritage (red and white). The people behind the brand are Harry, partner Bob Wareham, and Dick Cleave, viticulturist. Current vintages have been made under the watch of Township7 winemaker Bradley Cooper, acting as Harry’s hands in the process.

Time, it could be said, is on their side.

2011 TIME Chardonnay $27.99: looks like pale liquid gold; smells like hazelnuts and butter; tastes… like it looks and smells.

2012 TIME Meritage (white) $25: looks like sun-bleached straw; smells like honeysuckle, pear, peach, cantaloupe, pineapple…; tastes bright and beautiful, like a summer day after a sun shower.

2011 TIME Meritage (red) $29.99: looks like garnets drowned in ink; smells like memories of boot leather, cherries and cocoa, sage; tastes like the okanagan.

Wine country isn’t just a place anymore. It’s an attitude.

~ Harry McWatters

TIME Estate Winery media launch in the Okanagan, at Local Lounge * Grille in Summerland on June 20 2013 – just in time for summer solstice

the three elements of TIME: red meritage, white meritage, and chardonnay

elegance in the details – from the wine itself, to all aspects of presentation

the faces of TIME, l-r: Harry McWatters, Bob Wareham, and Dick Cleave

the new facility for TIME will include a hospitality centre, commercial kitchen, four luxury guest suites, and a lap pool – all but buried into the hillside to be as integrated into the landscape and unobtrusive as possible – architect: Nick Bevanda, CEI Architecture

Local Lounge Executive Chef Lee Humphries matched TIME wines with his new menu: tuna tatami with orange-honey gel paired exquisitely with the TIME 2012 white meritage

a study in glassware: the TIME 2012 white meritage in two options, both unique and delicious

second course: wild pacific seared salmon, grilled romaine, asparagus, clam-chorizo sauce verige – paired delectably with TIME 2011 Chardonnay

third course: roasted lamb rump, crushed minted spring peas, polenta croutons, tomatoes in texture, olive jus – paired magnificently with TIME 2011 red meritage

the pickled cherry chocolate truffle – just because

Okanagan, your TIME has most certainly arrived


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