My specialty is communications for small to medium-sized businesses. Overall strategy and communications planning, establishing brand standards, delivering monthly customer newsletters, media releases and relations, digital content, and business development.

Monthly Contracts or Term Projects

Engage a writer in residence without a full time commitment. An ongoing or term-based contract for the projects you haven’t had time to address or don’t know where to begin.

Communications get your message out regularly, to the right audience

Business to consumer (B2C) and direct to consumer (DTC), business to business (B2B), and business to influencer (B2I) planning. Establish a communications plan for the year, based on your business flow. This could include new product releases, consumer clubs, and media relations.

Monthly retainer dedicated time for writing & communications on a monthly basis

You have a finite amount of hours each month and everything seems to be a priority. Contracting out communications can free up your team to focus on what’s in front of you. Monthly communications could include:

  • newsletters
  • media pitches and queries
  • blog and digital posts
  • advertising copy
  • executive summary for quarterly board reporting

Project based contracts à la carte for individual projects

Perhaps there’s one project you want to get a plan for and then your team can take it from there. Shorter term projects could include an annual communications plan, a one-off press release, or copy for a new ad campaign.

Exclusive projects specialized work for longer term projects

This is where only the sky is your limit. Exclusive projects can be a longer commitment and support strategic growth. Examples could include ghost writing executive biographies, grant and proposal writing, historical coffee table books, or just about anything you could imagine.

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I also write for publications about the people who make community. These are a few of the clients and publications I have the pleasure to work with.